1 Click Jobs

Backup your site, restore your site, update your site, and more with 1 click!

Site Versions

Create a copy of your production site on the fly, make edits, then push them live.

Site Manager

Our dashboard includes a built in site manger to help you mange your website without even logging in.

Free SSL Certificate

All sites are secured with auto-renewing SSL Certificates.

Free CDN

All uploads such as images, and videos are hosted on our CDN network.

Redis Cache

All sites use Redis object storage caching.

WP CLI Support

All sites have WP CLI enabled by default.

SFTP / SSH Access

All users get SFTP and SSH access to their sites.

Git Support

All sites support Git out of the box.

Automatic WP Plugin Updates

All sites have automatic plugin updates enabled by default.

Managed WP Core Updates

We managed WP core updates for all sites.

24/7 Support

Are are open 24/7 to help you no matter the time.

Optimized mySQL

Get tweaked mySQL for optimum performance

PHP 7.4x

All sites run the latest version of php.

Latest Ubuntu LTS OS

All sites run the latest Ubuntu LTS OS